About BearCLAWS

What is Bear CLAWS?
Bear CLAWS is Montgomery ISD's Curriculum.  Bear CLAWS is a product based on the research of Lynn Erickson, Grant Wiggins, Jay McTighe, Lead4Ward, and many top professionals in the field of curriculum. 
Who created it?
Bear CLAWS was created by Montgomery teachers through subject based committees and is based on the exemplary work accomplished by the district.  Bear CLAWS is a living document that all teachers in the district may impact by offering  suggestions to address growth of the district and its changing needs.
Why is Bear CLAWS important?
Bear CLAWS is important because in the age of high stakes testing it is critical that the curriculum address the statndards that law requires and will be measured by the TAKS (STAAR & EOC) test. 
What is a Scope and Sequence?
The Scope and Sequence is the pacing guide for all the teachers of that subject/grade level and to address which standards (TEKS) are taught during each grading period. 
Will I get to see my teacher's lessons for each week?

No.  Bear CLAWS provides a broad framework of the curriculim.  Each campus and teachers will have the flexibility to create their own lessons that will best fit their students' needs and abilities based on the Bear CLAWS framework.
Will all teachers be teaching the same lessons on each day across the disrtict?

No.  Teachers will be able to adjust instruction and pacing to ensure the students' mastery of the statndard within a specific time period.   Therefore, the district will not dictate lessons to the teachers.